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Return to Roots

a self-development course for

psychedelic-inspired nurses

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Deepen Your Nursing Practice with Holistic and Psychedelic Wisdom

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presented by the Holistic Psychedelic Nurses Collective

Join us on a transformative journey

Dive into the intersection of nursing, psychedelics, and holistic care with our pioneering course, designed for nurses keen to explore psychedelic therapy within a framework of spiritual and nature-connected practices.

This course lays the foundational knowledge and self-development essential for

integrating holistic nursing principles into psychedelic care.

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Our Mission

The mission of the Holistic Psychedelic Nurses Collective is to create psychedelic care learning opportunities rooted in a framework of holistic nursing including respect for nature, traditional practices, and spiritual care.

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Learning Objective

Participants will identify personal growth areas within holistic nursing practice to evolve into effective psychedelic nurses, via immersive knowledge acquisition and reflective activities.

36 contact hours

This nursing continuing professional development activity was approved by

the American Holistic Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the

American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

Return to Roots is a step on the path for nurses who long to unite the worlds of

nursing, psychedelics, and spirituality.

It is not a comprehensive psychedelic practitioner training, but an invitation to focus on three areas of crucial self-development that will continue to unfold throughout your ongoing practice:

cultural humility,

caring for the healing environment,

and energetic competencies.

Through this course you can expect to:

  • Clarify your intention for working with sacred medicine
  • Explore the complexity of overlapping cultural frameworks in the psychedelic landscape
  • Identify the unique contributions the field of nursing can make in psychedelic practice, including the core competency of caring for the healing environment
  • Understand the strengths and blind spots that you bring to the work
  • Develop and strengthen a personal practice to build competence as a space holder
  • Utilize a framework for ritual in the healing arts
  • Understand how to bring sacred medicine concepts into any nursing role
  • Experience the enthusiasm and wisdom of a network of kindred nurses

Course Details

The Program starts Tuesday, May 28th 2024

Weekly Learning Modules and Assignments

Virtual Meetings May 28th, June 18th, July 9th, July 30th

4-6pm PT/7-9pm ET

6 Optional Virtual Office Hour Sessions

Investment: $1620/$1440/$1260

Sliding scale and payment plans available

Module Highlights

1: Introduction to Return to Roots Framework

Orient to the course foundations, connect, and learn the landscape of our program.

2: Psychedelic Nursing Basics:

Explore the history and role of nurses in psychedelic research and the current legal landscape.

3: Cultural Humility and Original Cultures:

Gain insights into world sacred medicine traditions and the intersection with nursing.

4: Natural Cycles, Elements, and Ritual Practices:

Learn about the elements, directions, and cycles and their application in healing practices.

5: Holistic Nursing Principles and Spiritual Care:

Discover how core values of holistic nursing apply to psychedelic care and spiritual nursing diagnoses.

6: Cultivating Personal Integrity:

Focus on self-care, ethical challenges, and self-reflection as crucial for psychedelic practice.

7: Creating the Healing Environment:

Understand how to cultivate physical and energetic environments conducive to healing.

8: Supporting a Healing Encounter:

Apply holistic nursing principles to foster meaningful psychedelic experiences.

9: Nurturing Professional Community, Accountability & Reciprocity

Join a network of like-minded professionals, emphasizing ethical integrity and community support.

Reconnect with the roots of holistic care to nurture healing through expanded states of consciousness.

Meet your Guides

Stephanie Van Hope DNP, RN, NC-BC

Dr. Van Hope has practiced nursing in the areas of oncology, hospice, health coaching and education and earned her DNP in the unique speciality of Integrative Health and Healing. She served as a study guide for the NYU Psilocybin Cancer Anxiety Project and is a learning facilitator for the Synthesis Institute’s Psychedelic Practitioner Training Program. She has studied sacred traditions within spiritual community for over a decade. Learn more at

Angela Ward BSN RN, HWNC-BC

Angela Ward is a board-certified health and wellness nurse coach and seasoned psychedelic practitioner, specializes in guiding transformative experiences. Since 2019, Angela guides holistic well-being by integrating psychedelic care with coaching. She co-founded OPENurses to advocate for nursing in psychedelic practice. With credentials from the CIIS CPTR program and Synthesis Psychedelic Practitioner Training program, she aims to create a safe, ethical platform for voyagers and students alike, fostering profound personal discovery. Learn more at

Join now! Enrollment is open until Tuesday, May 21st.

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Join us on this pioneering journey to bridge the worlds of holistic nursing care and psychedelic healing.

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